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SIMCEL Augment

SIMCEL Augment offers a new paradigm to business software: it helps to accelerate, integrate and strengthen decision making. Data re-engineered so 

One source of Truth

Data from multiple sources is cleaned, restructured so stocks and flows are reconstructed from end-to-end. KPIs are measured consistently, on the same base for everyone

Business performance matters

With SIMCEL each operational metric is linked to financial, customer, and environmental performance. Users understand the business impact of decisions supply chain decisions

User centric & ease of use

Enough with awful, cluttered, slow, complicated user interface. SIMCEL is user friendly and simple to use, despites its inherent complexity

Structured data end-to-end

SIMCEL digital twin integrates data from different systems, map Master Data together, highlight flow inconsistencies and help users to keep track of gaps to be fixed. 

Simulation based planning

SIMCEL is built around a lightning fast simulation engine that helps users to test, compare, refine planning scenarios so every alternative is evaluated against others. 

A step toward Autonomous supply chain

Thanks to advanced simulation, SIMCEL offers the possibility to train AI with simulated data, allowing to develop a specific decision support algorithm specific to each and every supply chain. Autonomous supply chain becomes possible

What Our Clients Say


Cam Thi Le, Supply Chain Director, Sanofi Vietnam

The offering of SIMCEL is actually a release. It's been ages we've been trying to integrate our planning process and handle data seamlessly. None of the player in the market was able to provide a truly integrated solution and support us with solid SC expertise

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