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Business Planning

SIMCEL is a digital twin of your business. It tells you what’s really going on in your supply chain and helps you quantify the impact of different demand & supply scenarios on your top & bottom lines and cash flow. It allows you to simulate possible futures in a fast and easy way, providing unique visibility on your past and future performance.

SIMCEL changes the paradigm of business planning thanks to its simulation engine coupled with machine learning algorithms.


What is SIMCEL?

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  • ​​SIMCEL gives you the big picture and zooms into where the actual problems are in profit terms.

  • Tells you how much margin you are left with by from selling a given products to a given customer, providing providing insights what to rationalise and what to focus upon.

  • Understand what generates and consumes cash, what capacity shortages you may come across, where your supply chain is being inefficient.


With SIMCEL : 

  • flows are simulated,

  • cost are allocated,

  • demand is forecasted.


Tweak demand, pricing, supply parameters and get the financial and operational impact of any alternative you have in mind.

Alternatively, SIMCEL predictive features propose optimum scenarios worth considering.

Simulation helps you make a truly informed plans and fact based decision.

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​SIMCEL brings decision makers from 4 functions around the same table: Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing.

SIMCEL allows to understand, forecast, plan, stress test, and to ultimately agree on a single set of numbers.


Trade offs are transparently made available so opinions and common conflicting objectives are reconciled by a unique P&L perspective.

What makes SIMCEL unique is its integrated simulation engine allowing to quickly generate “what if” scenarios and precisely quantify the impact on sales, profitability, and capacity. It supports S&OP / IBP processes by providing ability to compare future alternatives and solve complex trade-offs.

Also for business continuity purpose, SIMCEL helps to virtually stress test your operations with extreme scenarios to quantify the financial impact of a given business risk and identify ways to mitigate them.


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"SIMCEL has provided Fonterra with understanding of where our supply misalignments are and how much these actually impact our financial performance. Thanks to unique simulation capabilities, SIMCEL also helped to prioritise our efforts where the largest financial benefits are from a P&L and BalanceSheet standpoint. Finally it has helped us to rethink the way we currently plan our demand and supply toward continuous planning."


Aamir Medhi, Head of Global Supply Chain - Fonterra Brands


About us


We are a team of passionate professionals combining 3 main expertises : Supply Chain, Data Science, Software development. We have worked together on multiple projects with our clients over the world to optimise, redesign, expand complex physical supply networks to allow them to serve their demand at the least cost. From these rich experiences we brought knowledge, know-how and vision together into one unique solution: SIMCEL

We believe that most companies, large or small, struggle to handle the complexity of their supply chains. This has a massive (and not necessarily visible) impact on their competitiveness, financial performance, and carbon footprint. SIMCEL is a game changer as it offers you to explore what your future could look like with a great level of precision. This in an easy and (almost) fun way. Simulation is a paradigm that has been overlooked for decades. From now on it's going to change the world.

We consider technology as a foundational base for innovation. Though, without a real understanding of real life business problems and stakes, technology becomes irrelevant. We blend data science, software, and domain expertise like no one in the market. So as advanced we are in mastering technology, we believe it only adds value when the business purpose is clear.


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